The Monkey and the Fish

It’s always fitting to hone leadership qualities through stories. Here is a short parable titled, “The Monkey and the Fish”.

The fish said to the monkey, “I would like to be your friend.”

The monkey responded “I think that’s a fine idea. Come up and sit with me in the tree for a while.”

(Jones, 2001)

Leadership isn’t about sitting above on an ivory tower, believing that true partnerships and collaboration are built without a little give-and-take. Leadership is, instead, about stepping out of our comfort zone, showing a little vulnerability, and making every effort to connect with the unique values and passions of others.

So, to me, the moral of this parable is: Quit monkeying around; go break down those barriers (and mindsets) that are getting in the way of your relationships with those you serve. People are much more influenced by the leaders they trust!

What does this parable communicate to you?


Dr. Perry Wiseman

Author of the book, Strong Schools, Strong Leaders

Founder/CEO of WiseFoundations

Jones, J. (2001). Parables for leaders: Stories and lessons. Performance & Human Development


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