Four Key Foundations Assessment

I’d like to take this opportunity to share a survey tool that effectively measures the existence of the “Four Key Foundations” within your school or district. The “Four Key Foundations Assessment” helps leaders to guide and mold a fragmented school or district into a functional, unified community. To access the survey, click here.

These foundations are described thoroughly in my book, Strong Schools, Strong Leaders. In the meantime, here is a brief snapshot of each of the foundations:

Foundation #1: Listening to People and the Environment

Schools are bustling with a vast assortment of experiences, opinions, and perspectives—everyone is truly unique. Listening to People and the Environment encourages the use of structuring devices and processes that help tap into the collective intelligence of the entire school community, in turn, sparking a genuine commitment rather than just meager compliance.

Foundation #2: Building Agreements

Unconstructive staff behaviors create unnecessary tensions ultimately leading to poor communication systems, ineffective processes, and damaged interpersonal relationships. Building Agreements speaks of the on-going, relentless practice of engaging the whole-system in the development and conformity of productive group norms.

Foundation #3: Co-Creating Purpose

More often than not, small groups come together to create a school’s mission and vision. Sadly, these “statements” are just placed on a shelf and revisited in subsequent years. Co-Creating Purpose, instead, aims to bring the entire community together, recognizing individual dreams and aspirations, breeding  a common ground that generates an indescribable synergy.

Foundation #4: Fostering Effective Teams

Successful schools—those that thrive as learning communities—are bustling with successful teams that work effectively, and interdependently, towards common goals. Fostering Effective Teams focuses on providing the necessary framework and tools to develop successful teams throughout any school.


Dr. Perry Wiseman

Author of the book, Strong Schools, Strong Leaders

Founder/CEO of WiseFoundations


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