PLCs & Their Impact on Student Achievement

Earlier I shared a mini-research project my colleague, Dr. Hector Arroyo, and I were working to complete. Specifically, we were trying to find out whether or not PLCs have a positive impact on student achievement. Much of the literature on PLCs indicates increased student outcomes with their implementation. This conclusion often lacks the empirical data to back it up, however.

So to help answer the question we extracted, analyzed, and triangulated data from 13 dissertations on the topic. My post Do Professional Learning Communities Really Improve Student Achievement? introduced some of the initial information (e.g., a matrix summarizing the 13 studies and all of the Implications for Practice categorized by topic).

After digging into the data for some time we ended up writing a brief research paper titled, Professional Learning Communities and Their Impact on Student Achievement. The paper concludes with four recommendations for school and district leaders. Here’s the first one.

Recommendation #1:

First and foremost, given that results of this study resolved that PLCs—when put into practice properly—can increase achievement, schools and districts should continue to build (or begin) their implementation.

If you’d like to view our paper in it’s entirety, along with the other three recommendations, feel free to click here.




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