Reviving Professional Learning Communities: Strength through diversity, conflict, teamwork, and structure

I’m so pleased to announce the completion of our book, Reviving Professional Learning Communities. It’s been in publication stages for a couple of months now and is tentatively scheduled to be available in December 2012. The three authors (Dr. Nicholas Richter, Dr. Hector Arroyo, and I) want to extend a big “thank you” to Dr. Kristine K. Hipp and Jane B. Huffman (authors of Reculturing Schools as Professional Learning Communities and Demystifying Schools as Professional Learning Communities) for their enjoyable Foreword. Their words really capture the essence of the ideas set forth.

Here’s a brief description of the book which will also appear on the cover:

The Professional Learning Community (PLC) is one of the most effective processes for improving the achievement, culture, and climate in any type of organization. Despite this important legacy in the field of education, the original purpose of this process has often been lost. Our common understanding of a PLC has varied from district to district, one school to another, even from one educator to another. Reviving Professional Learning Communities aims to restore it as a model with a simple framework named the 4S Approach. This approach is designed to help practitioners build thriving learning communities through: (1) recognition and validation of each staff member’s unique viewpoint, (2) natural conflict caused by diverse viewpoints, (3) healthy teamwork, and (4) effective systems. It devises thirty-two practical, high-leverage strategies that are easy to follow and simple enough to put into practice right away. This book is a valuable tool that will help answer the perennial question among educators: How do we achieve a genuine Professional Learning Community?

We’ll keep you posted, and thanks for your support!




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