The Sawyer and the Saw

Sharpen SawIt’s the Holiday Season, and I hope you’re spending quality time with the family (and getting some rest as well). To illustrate the importance of down time here’s the short parable titled, “The Sawyer and the Saw.” You may have heard it already, but we all need a reminder from time to time.

Walking through the woods, a person heard what sounded like someone sawing. When he came to a clearing in the woods, he saw a man sawing a log. The man was working hard, with sweat soaking his shirt and falling from his brow. The observer noticed that the small pile of sawdust under the log was growing only very slowly.

“Why don’t you stop and sharpen your saw?” the observer asked. 

The man replied “I don’t have time to sharpen my saw.”

(Jones, 2001)

Are you taking a break, and sharpening your saw, this Holiday Season? 



Author of the book, Reviving Professional Learning CommunitiesStrong Schools, Strong Leaders

Founder/CEO of WiseFoundations

Jones, J. (2001). Parables for leaders: Stories and lessons. Performance & Human Development


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