Strengthening Union and Administration Relationships

Our book, Reviving Professional Learning Communities: Strength through diversity, conflict, teamwork, and structure, will be available December 16, 2012. Sprinkled throughout are 32 practical strategies to move collaboration from theory to practice. Below is an excerpt from Chapter 5: Strategies for Standpoint. You can Pre-Order the book now by visiting STANDPOINT STRATEGY 7: STRENGTHEN UNION AND ADMINISTRATION […]

Professional Learning Communities: Relationships Over Rules

I was recently asked by one of my mentors, Dr. Thomas Harvey (author of Resistance to change; Building teams, building people; The politically intelligent leader; and Checklist for change), to prepare a brief research paper and presentation on Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for the University of La Verne’s Educational Policy Institute of California (EPIC). The […]

Creating explicit norms or protocols

Transformation in any organization has the potential to produce unwanted conflict, often leading to ineffective processes, reduced communication, and poor working relationships. It is inevitable and a fact of life. Change brings about tension and without managing the behaviors of individuals and the organization as a whole, you might see your organization’s ability to succeed plummet. The impact is exponential. […]

Employee Conflict Resolution: Eight Essential Practices

One of the most difficult charges in leadership is getting others to work together in harmony. I am a betting man and willing to wage that interpersonal conflict between employees is one of the major contributors to many sleepless nights—for both the employees and the leader. Don’t get me wrong, conflict and disagreement, if tackled […]