PLCs & Their Impact on Student Achievement

Earlier I shared a mini-research project my colleague, Dr. Hector Arroyo, and I were working to complete. Specifically, we were trying to find out whether or not PLCs have a positive impact on student achievement. Much of the literature on PLCs indicates increased student outcomes with their implementation. This conclusion often lacks the empirical data […]

Do Professional Learning Communities Really Improve Student Achievement?

The term Professional Learning Community (PLC) is so commonplace in schools across the Nation nowadays. As you know, the literature on the topic is abundant too. Many claim that the implementation of PLCs will certainly increase student achievement. Is that really the case though? Does the empirical research actually support this argument? Perhaps. I’ll let you […]

Four Key Foundations Assessment

I’d like to take this opportunity to share a survey tool that effectively measures the existence of the “Four Key Foundations” within your school or district. The “Four Key Foundations Assessment” helps leaders to guide and mold a fragmented school or district into a functional, unified community. To access the survey, click here. These foundations are […]

Principal/Teacher Partnerships

Recently, a teacher and I presented on the complex topic, Principal/Teacher Partnerships. We really set out to communicate one clear message: If teachers and principals do not model–and continuously nurture–great partnerships, then students will ultimately lose out. This is easier said than done too. Casey Stengel really hit the nail on the head when he said, “It’s […]

Knowledge/Success Matrix

  In my book, Strong Schools, Strong Leaders, I discuss the “Knowledge/Success Matrix,” a mental process associating “success” and “failure” with “knowing” and “not knowing.” Whether your district or school is achieving great gains on high stakes tests or not, my question to you is this: Do you know exactly what is leading to those results—in other […]

Growth Index Formula

I am excited to announce the publication of the article featured in the Jan/Feb edition of ACSA Leadership Magazine titled, Growth index: A powerful tool for school improvement. In mid-2010 one of my colleagues and I put our best foot forward, developing a formula that assigns value to student achievement growth over subsequent school years. […]

Home-School Relationships—Oh So Important!

Out of Place in One Tough Neighborhood It’s nearing 5:00 p.m. one Thursday evening. I am dressed to impress, a new blue pin-striped suite, a bright red tie that would create a feeding frenzy with sharks, and a nice pair of Bruno Magli shoes (oh, how I love a comfortable pair of shoes). There is […]