The Colorful Diversity Activity

I’m eager to share a simple diversity revealing activity that can perhaps lend a hand in one of your upcoming meetings. It’s called, The Colorful Diversity Activity, and can be used as an icebreaker prior to tackling some tough issues. Or it can be helpful for a meeting where divergent points of view may get […]

A Great Team-Building Activity: Toxic Waste Dump

We’re all familiar with the myriad of team-building activities and icebreakers out there. Generally speaking, these processes aim to strengthen interpersonal relationships between group members, break up the monotony, and get the creative juices flowing. Some require participants to disclose intimate information; others involve the successful completion of a particular group task. If you are […]

Four Key Foundations Assessment

I’d like to take this opportunity to share a survey tool that effectively measures the existence of the “Four Key Foundations” within your school or district. The “Four Key Foundations Assessment” helps leaders to guide and mold a fragmented school or district into a functional, unified community. To access the survey, click here. These foundations are […]

Principal/Teacher Partnerships

Recently, a teacher and I presented on the complex topic, Principal/Teacher Partnerships. We really set out to communicate one clear message: If teachers and principals do not model–and continuously nurture–great partnerships, then students will ultimately lose out. This is easier said than done too. Casey Stengel really hit the nail on the head when he said, “It’s […]

Professional Learning Communities: Relationships Over Rules

I was recently asked by one of my mentors, Dr. Thomas Harvey (author of Resistance to change; Building teams, building people; The politically intelligent leader; and Checklist for change), to prepare a brief research paper and presentation on Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for the University of La Verne’s Educational Policy Institute of California (EPIC). The […]

A-B-Cs of Team Building

The building of effective teams is a process dear to my heart. The data from my dissertation, along with Dr. Shelly Morr’s data in her replication of my study, were glaring: If you want to nurture a learning community (that is, a culture of authentic collaboration), then you must build effective teams throughout your organization. […]

Creating explicit norms or protocols

Transformation in any organization has the potential to produce unwanted conflict, often leading to ineffective processes, reduced communication, and poor working relationships. It is inevitable and a fact of life. Change brings about tension and without managing the behaviors of individuals and the organization as a whole, you might see your organization’s ability to succeed plummet. The impact is exponential. […]