New Professional Learning Community Framework

To receive the sneak peek of my new book, Reviving Professional Learning Communities: An Integral Approach, just click here. Warning: This new framework will perhaps flip your understanding of PLCs upside down.

Re-inventing organizational values, beliefs, and goals

I use the word re-inventing because you may already have some sort of formal vision and/or mission statement. The questions is: Are these current statements or tenants really serving their purpose? If not, then the aim now is for you to hopefully find inventive ways to engage your employees in deep dialogue, connecting individual values, […]

Professional Learning Communities are easier said than done!

I have done some extensive research on the topic of professional learning communities (PLCs). Specifically, my dissertation topic was, Professional Learning Communities and the Effectiveness of the Teams within those Communities, where data was collected from 51 middle school principals and approximately 1,500 teachers. This data strongly suggested that schools striving to become PLCs must […]

Connecting Kids to School: The M.E.R.I.T. system

What is the first thought that comes to students’ minds when the alarm clock goes off each morning? Do they think: Not another day of school; I can’t wait until the weekend comes again. Let’s hope not. We don’t wish for the Ferris Bueller syndrome where students ditch out on a fun-packed day of learning. […]

The Strategic Use of Anonymity in Decision Making

Can anyone recall those waste-of-time meetings where one or two staff members took up far more than their share of the meeting? Of course you can. We have all experienced someone trying to railroad meetings with their personal agendas. These insistent members are notorious for putting on the facade that they have supernatural powers—e.g., invulnerability, x-ray […]