Executive Bio

An innovative, systems-oriented thinker and energetic educator, Dr. Wiseman understands first-hand the progressive force educational teams can be when their leaders recognize, listen to, and incorporate the wisdom of their team members. Founder/CEO of WiseFoundations and author of Strong Schools, Strong Leaders and Reviving Professional Learning Communities, Dr. Wiseman has helped countless leaders realize the transformational power of co-creating vision and building effective teams.

Earning his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Perry began his career in education as a Mathematics teacher in the large, urban San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) in California. Immediately recognized for his penchant for instructional innovation, Perry was quickly promoted to serve as the department chair and activities director. Perry’s positions afforded him the prospect of having a direct impact on student learning and designing unique programs such as Peer Success—a school wide instructional initiative embellished with cross-age tutoring—and the inquiry-based program, Teaching Real-Life Algebra by Connecting Kids Kinesthetically (T.R.A.C.K.). Still, Perry desired the opportunity to expand his reach.

Perry went on to serve as Middle School Vice Principal, and subsequently became an Assistant Administrator of Instructional Improvement and Academic Coaching (AAIIAC). In both capacities, he greatly improved student learning, designing comprehensive assessment and behavioral systems, building strong home-school partnerships, and employing quality staff development programs based on site needs. The keystone to his success was an ability to tap into the collective intelligence of the entire school community. He also furthered his knowledge base by earning his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and his Doctorate in Organizational Leadership.

One of Perry’s greatest opportunity to effect change came when he was conferred the honor of opening and serving as middle school Principal of a new, unique school that served grades four through eight. Perry collaboratively coordinated all staffing, supply, and furnishing resources for the school, and subsequently led his team in all policy and procedural implementations and instructional initiatives. Visiting 550 student homes over a two-year period may seem like an insurmountable goal for a school leader when forging a healthy home-school partnership. Yet, Dr. Perry Wiseman not only envisioned it, he achieved it. Furthermore, under Perry’s leadership, the school has been recognized numerous times for its high student achievement, positive behavior supports, and extraordinary attendance rates. Equally important, teachers come to work each day excited to innovate and ignite student engagement in the learning process.

Now Perry serves as a director for the Los Angeles County Office of Education, working closely with principals and teachers who provide specialized instruction and community-based programs for juvenile offenders and other youth who may fall through the cracks in the traditional K–12 setting. He is also Adjunct Professor for the Doctoral Program in Organizational Leadership at Brandman University.

Perry is an active member of various educational think-tanks and professional associations, is a frequent conference presenter, serves on several dissertation committees at his alma mater—the University of La Verne, and has brought many professionals together to develop the student M.E.R.I.T. (Meeting Expectations and Realizing Individual Talents) system that is gaining widespread recognition throughout California. Furthermore, he and his co-administrator designed a data-analysis tool, the Growth Index (GI) Formula, which has successfully assisted principals, assistant superintendents, and teachers in promoting positive organizational change time and again. As Founder/CEO of WiseFoundations, Perry utilizes his expertise to train leaders in creating dynamic learning organizations that promote collaborative and efficacious visioning, planning, and action.

Perry’s lifelong dedication to learning and the development of others have their origins in his formative years, when due to tumultuous relations at home, he moved frequently and was unable to establish a solid school relationship. Ultimately, Perry was taken in and raised by his grandparents and persevered to become the compassionate professional, husband, and father he is today. Perry and his wife, Samantha, live in Highland, California with their three boys, Nick, Matthew, and Andrew.


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