Reviving Professional Learning Communities: Strength through diversity, conflict, teamwork, and structure

I’m so pleased to announce the completion of our book, Reviving Professional Learning Communities. It’s been in publication stages for a couple of months now and is tentatively scheduled to be available in December 2012. The three authors (Dr. Nicholas Richter, Dr. Hector Arroyo, and I) want to extend a big “thank you” to Dr. Kristine […]

Principal/Teacher Partnerships

Recently, a teacher and I presented on the complex topic, Principal/Teacher Partnerships. We really set out to communicate one clear message: If teachers and principals do not model–and continuously nurture–great partnerships, then students will ultimately lose out. This is easier said than done too. Casey Stengel really hit the nail on the head when he said, “It’s […]

Professional Learning Communities: Relationships Over Rules

I was recently asked by one of my mentors, Dr. Thomas Harvey (author of Resistance to change; Building teams, building people; The politically intelligent leader; and Checklist for change), to prepare a brief research paper and presentation on Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for the University of La Verne’s Educational Policy Institute of California (EPIC). The […]

A-B-Cs of Team Building

The building of effective teams is a process dear to my heart. The data from my dissertation, along with Dr. Shelly Morr’s data in her replication of my study, were glaring: If you want to nurture a learning community (that is, a culture of authentic collaboration), then you must build effective teams throughout your organization. […]

Knowledge/Success Matrix

  In my book, Strong Schools, Strong Leaders, I discuss the “Knowledge/Success Matrix,” a mental process associating “success” and “failure” with “knowing” and “not knowing.” Whether your district or school is achieving great gains on high stakes tests or not, my question to you is this: Do you know exactly what is leading to those results—in other […]

New Professional Learning Community Framework

To receive the sneak peek of my new book, Reviving Professional Learning Communities: An Integral Approach, just click here. Warning: This new framework will perhaps flip your understanding of PLCs upside down.