A Validation of the Four Key Foundations

I’d like to celebrate the exceptional work recently completed by one of our fellow dedicated educators, Nicholas Richter. We’ll start with a bit of background though. Previously I introduced the “Four Key Foundations Assessment“, a survey delineated in my book, Strong Schools, Strong Leaders. The instrument was developed to assess evidence of four bedrock practices […]

The Colorful Diversity Activity

I’m eager to share a simple diversity revealing activity that can perhaps lend a hand in one of your upcoming meetings. It’s called, The Colorful Diversity Activity, and can be used as an icebreaker prior to tackling some tough issues. Or it can be helpful for a meeting where divergent points of view may get […]

A Great Team-Building Activity: Toxic Waste Dump

We’re all familiar with the myriad of team-building activities and icebreakers out there. Generally speaking, these processes aim to strengthen interpersonal relationships between group members, break up the monotony, and get the creative juices flowing. Some require participants to disclose intimate information; others involve the successful completion of a particular group task. If you are […]

Growth Index Formula

I am excited to announce the publication of the article featured in the Jan/Feb edition of ACSA Leadership Magazine titled, Growth index: A powerful tool for school improvement. In mid-2010 one of my colleagues and I put our best foot forward, developing a formula that assigns value to student achievement growth over subsequent school years. […]

Open Space Technology: A truly inventive meeting design

Any leader wishing to bring groups of employees together (no matter the size) to address complex issues has to, at some time, draw on a process called, Open Space Technology (OST). This is a remarkable way to listen to people—tapping into the combined wisdom of the group. I had never experienced such an effective meeting […]