5 Rewards of Diversity

Diversity is perhaps the greatest resource we have in our organizations. Here are five reasons why: 1. Diversity Promotes Development Organizations that nurture diversity often develop at far greater rates than their counterparts. Not only does the group develop as a whole, but each individual also matures to his or her fullest potential. That only […]

New Professional Learning Community Framework

To receive the sneak peek of my new book, Reviving Professional Learning Communities: An Integral Approach, just click here. Warning: This new framework will perhaps flip your understanding of PLCs upside down.

Discovering your informal leaders

Let’s start with the meaning of an informal leader. This term refers to someone who does not necessarily hold a formal position of authority; but because they are well respected by their peers, they exert influence, allowing them to sway the opinions of others. Their peers often go to them for direction, support, and advice; which, in […]

Rethinking your own leadership

The success of your organization or workplace, as you already know, begins with you! Over the next couple of weeks your challenge is to be brutally honest with yourself by constantly reflecting on these questions: Is my leadership, more often than not, aligned with traditional, autocratic approaches or would others describe me as participative and […]