Strengthening Union and Administration Relationships

Our book, Reviving Professional Learning Communities: Strength through diversity, conflict, teamwork, and structure, will be available December 16, 2012. Sprinkled throughout are 32 practical strategies to move collaboration from theory to practice. Below is an excerpt from Chapter 5: Strategies for Standpoint. You can Pre-Order the book now by visiting STANDPOINT STRATEGY 7: STRENGTHEN UNION AND ADMINISTRATION […]

The Colorful Diversity Activity

I’m eager to share a simple diversity revealing activity that can perhaps lend a hand in one of your upcoming meetings. It’s called, The Colorful Diversity Activity, and can be used as an icebreaker prior to tackling some tough issues. Or it can be helpful for a meeting where divergent points of view may get […]

Principal/Teacher Partnerships

Recently, a teacher and I presented on the complex topic, Principal/Teacher Partnerships. We really set out to communicate one clear message: If teachers and principals do not model–and continuously nurture–great partnerships, then students will ultimately lose out. This is easier said than done too. Casey Stengel really hit the nail on the head when he said, “It’s […]

Professional Learning Communities: Relationships Over Rules

I was recently asked by one of my mentors, Dr. Thomas Harvey (author of Resistance to change; Building teams, building people; The politically intelligent leader; and Checklist for change), to prepare a brief research paper and presentation on Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for the University of La Verne’s Educational Policy Institute of California (EPIC). The […]

Discovering your informal leaders

Let’s start with the meaning of an informal leader. This term refers to someone who does not necessarily hold a formal position of authority; but because they are well respected by their peers, they exert influence, allowing them to sway the opinions of others. Their peers often go to them for direction, support, and advice; which, in […]

Rethinking your own leadership

The success of your organization or workplace, as you already know, begins with you! Over the next couple of weeks your challenge is to be brutally honest with yourself by constantly reflecting on these questions: Is my leadership, more often than not, aligned with traditional, autocratic approaches or would others describe me as participative and […]